• This module tells you more about Timeout. 

  • Timeout should be BORING for your child, not scary or humiliating

  • If you decide your child needs a timeout:

    • Immediately give him/her a brief explanation

    • Silently walk your child to the timeout chair, place your child on the chair and say "stay here until I say you can get up" 

    • 1 minute for each year old they are is a good rule of thumb

    • Tell your child when timeout is over

    • Let your child rejoin the activity and praise their good behavior

  • Time out takes consistency and time, but it helps most children

  • There are two sessions in this module. Session one takes about four minutes. Session two takes about three minutes. 

  • Be sure to do session one before session tow. 

  • Remember, if you are using an iPhone, the program will start in the CIAS Mobile app/